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Oxygen multistep-therapy (OMT) Stimulation of oxygen metabolism for the prevention and treatment of deficiency diseases


Reasons for the oxygen multi-step therapy

The most important prerequisite for nutrition and life support of all cells of the human body is a continuous and sufficient supply of energy. The energy production in humans is mainly dependent on the degree of combustion of carbohydrates by sufficient presence of oxygen. Its concentration in the blood depends on many external and internal factors. In human age physiology, a continuous tendency to retrograde oxygen saturation in the blood is directly dependent on the aging process. The causes of this are mainly disorders of oxygen uptake, its transport and its utilization.


Basics of the OMT

The oxygen multi-step therapy is the combination of the following three basic steps for a specific time with the aim of permanently raising the arterial O2 partial pressure.

1. Increasing oxygen utilization in cells and tissues through minerals and vitamins

2. Strong increase in oxygen content (up to 60 %) in the inspiratory air leads to an increase in arterial o2 partial pressure

3. Increasing circulation through exercise (gymnastics, running, cycling, etc.) during the first two steps

Medical effects of the oxygen multi-step therapy

The effects of the OMT can be divided into four types: After the immediate effect in the course of oxygen inhalation, which has its cause in the pO2 increase and has long been preferably used in emergency medicine, it comes as a result of energy storage to decay after effects Treatment. During SMT, resting pO2 is progressively increased incrementally in the non-inhalation period.

This leads first to an immediate effect, which is, for example, an increase in cardiovascular stability and elimination of regulatory hypertension. Finally, long-term effects are observed, which only gradually develop after a multi-step oxygen regeneration process with successful permanent elevation of an arterial resting pO2.


How is the therapy performed?

Oxygen multi-step therapy is usually performed on an outpatient basis. The therapy procedure depends on the severity and causes of the disorder found. Therefore, at the beginning of the therapy there is a detailed consultation with a doctor and a clinical examination. Specifically, to assess oxygen treatment need and response to oxygen inhalation, multiple arterial blood gas analyzes may be required under different conditions. After evaluating the results, the optimal OMT variant will be suggested to you, and a treatment plan will be agreed with you. The oxygen application is best done with a half-open mask. The oxygen flow as well as the form of therapy (rest or strain, daily application time) are individually adjusted. The treatment process can be controlled in the meantime by blood gas analysis and thus be corrected if necessary. After completion of all treatment measures, the comparative examinations are carried out just as at the beginning with final evaluation.



Therapeutic fields of the oxyge multi-step therapy

Due to its therapeutic effects, numerous fields of application have emerged for the oxygen multi-step therapy. They can be divided into two main groups, for which some examples are given in the following.


Health prevention

Decrease of susceptibility to infections, increase of the stability of the circulation, conditioning after stress and strain, increase of the individual life expectancy, cancer and cancer recurrence prophylaxis by in the interval of 6 - 12 months repeated oxygen multistep therapy in combinations with thymus injections.


Treatment of von oxygen-deficiency diseases

Atherosclerosis with secondary diseases (eg angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, stroke, arterial peripheral circulatory disorders), functional deficiencies of organs of end vascular supply (retinal blood flow disturbances, inner ear deafness, tinnitus, migraine), increased oxygen consumption due to chronic increased need (eg chronic stress, chronic infectious diseases , Tumors, metabolic diseases such as hyperthyroidism, chronic intoxication, shock states), pulmonary dysfunction.


Billing of the oxygen multi-step therapy

The oxygen multi-step therapy is in all its variants a private medical supplement in self-pay range. The billing is analogous to the scale of fees for doctors. Price lists can be requested on request.