Intern. Center for Hyperthermia
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Our Team

Prof. Dr. med. Holger WehnerDoctor Holger Wehner, head of the clinic and chief physician is a doctor for general medicine and naturopathic treatments, nicotine therapist and specialist for hyperthermia for more than 30 years. The pleasure for innovation and his engagement were honoured with the appointment to a Professor for Integrative Medicine of the Academy for Medical and Social Rehabilitation in Moscow.









In memory....

                                             Prof. Dr. med. habil Wilfried Wehner

                                                Born: 20.12.1932 Died: 07.04.2022

Prof. Wehner was chief surgeon at various hospitals for decades and held several professorships. After his active surgical career, he switched to integrative medicine with a special focus on hyperthermia. He supervised many different scientific studies for the gisunt®clinic. He always cheerfully stood by the clinic with all his human and professional experience.  From 01.01.2020, Professor Wehner withdrew from acute clinic operations and enjoyed his well-deserved retirement. He volunteered for the Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft für Komplementärmedizin e.V. (FoFöG) and was the chairman of the association until his death. We appreciated his tireless diligence and keep him as a calm, cheerful and good-natured person forever in our hearts!












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Our highly trained team of nurses is here for you with personal and medical questions and concerns. Our staff will also be happy to answer any questions you may have about our comprehensive range of therapies, such as oxygen multi-step therapy, colon hydrotherapy or how detoxification also works at home with the help of our gis-hep. We kindly ask you to discuss therapy-related questions directly with the doctor on duty during the rounds.


Administration / Patient care


     Sonja Zobel                 Kerstin Rieken              Susanne Pirbudak

- Chief Secretariat -        - Accounting -                 - Reception -

Our administration team is always available to help you with any concerns or suggestions regarding your stay. Especially for administrative matters, such as questions about billing modalities or insurance requirements.

If you have any questions or comments about our congresses, trade fairs and in general about our advertising, Mrs. Noack will be happy to help you.



       Bianca Noack
         - Marketing -



Gerda Feichtenbeiner         Lena Czieslik


The gisunt® group has a beautiful and modern wellness department. In conjunction with our excellently trained physiotherapy team, you can thus take advantage of a wide range of offers that are good for your health and recovery, but also for your soul. Our offers range from medical Ayurveda to pampering massages and from medical foot care to lymphatic drainage and relaxing baths and cosmetic treatments.


Service staff


Our friendly service team will take care of your well-being during your stay. Do you have special meal requests? At gisunt® we still cook ourselves!  Or are you missing something? We are happy to help and try to read your wishes from your eyes!