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Dear gisunt team,

When you are in need of help in a difficult situation in life, you are glad to meet the right people who approach you with great commitment, loving encouragement and a lot of flexibility and give you courage.

K. S. + A. D.



From my family to yours...

thank you for all you to do, we appreciate you all! The compassion and love in your heart for your patients. My husband's care is evident. Thank you and may you all be blessed!

With best wishes

R. M.



After so many weeks I finally arrived at the gisunt clinic. Here I feel comprehensively cared for. My problems are taken seriously and understood. I feel wonderfully well looked after.

I would like to thank the entire team for the caring care, the good conversations and the competent treatment.




Often I still think of the time I came to you for treatment.

The great commitment, the many tips and tricks, the detailed discussions.

The calm in the clinic. Nurse Ines: simply great!

(best regards to her). Frau Pleuß: such a love! Mrs Rieken: always very friendly.

And you, Professor Wehner, we have learned so much from you.

I always apply some tips.



I would like to thank all employees, especially Professor Dr. Wehner for the professional,

comprehensive, loving and friendly treatment and care.




"Goodbye and thank you for 100% fulfillment of the "local picture, your company". Thanks for your

Competence, the trust, your partnership. We are welcomed with loving arms and

were accompanied. The human being is in the centre of attention here, whether as a patient or employee. We have thus

the most important thing in your luggage on the way to recovery."




"Hello, Professor Wehner,

We are still grateful to you every day. If you hadn't helped, my mother was already

nine years out of my life. Every time she came back from therapy, she felt the same way

Hope. It's still incredible that you were abandoned in the Netherlands and now only

had three months to live. Unbelievable that people are still dying of Bunn's colon cancer every day,

and that my mother is cured without chemotherapy."



"Dear Professor Wehner,

once again you have together with my husband and your whole team a masterpiece

done! We can only say thank you again from the heart. We are glad that you exist - you give us

Hope and confidence, despite, or perhaps because of, my husband's difficult situation."



"Thank you all for the wonderful care you've given us. Your commitment, your hard work and your

caring minds are more than we could ever ask for. We are always grateful to you."



"Many thanks to the gisunt team for all the cooling pads, bandages, plasters & loving care, for

emotional support, affection and the gentle way you all encourage me every day."



"My wife and I would like to thank you all today for the elaborate, competent and above all

I would like to thank you for the pleasant humane care during my stay in the clinic. You have given us very

helped to cope a little better with a difficult health situation and at the same time gave hope for the future.

to at least "contain the disease with medicine, will and faith." A. B. and E. B.



"I am thinking of the entire team of the gisunt clinic these days, thank you all for your warm and humane

Work that I was able to experience with you!" S. F.



"thank you very much for asking. I've never seen a therapist do that before.

great!!! Great :-) I am still very well. No complaints and I am fully able to work !!! [...] Conclusion:

everything is okay and I'm very happy that I decided to have therapy with you." D. E.



"Dear gisunt team,

in the 10 days that I've been here, I've felt very comfortable. Everyone - without exception - was very nice to me.

The medical and personal care was excellent. The atmosphere in this house is very pleasant." M. K.



"One little word - THANK YOU! finds its way to you, because big words are too small for everything I want to say." M. M.



"There are people in this world who, with words and gestures, give you so much in an instant that others

a whole life long! Thank you for your existence!" E. W. and P. W.



"My sincere thanks to all of you in the gisunt team who have accompanied me so excellently! I owe you a lot,

that I've been getting through the last two months so well!" S. N.



Kind regards to the gisunt clinic from Trebbin. I am still fit, happy and healthy 5 years after my stay with you. To come to you was the best decision for my life. Thank you!