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Hyperthermia – targeted overheating for treating chronic diseases and cancer

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Moderate hyperthermiawhole-body hyperthermia from 38.5 °C up to the core temperature of 40 °C.


Systemic cancer-multistep-therapy (sCMT)Use of the synergisms of e.g. Hyperglycaemia, hyperthermia and oxygenation.


Regional deep hyperthermiaparticularly gentle by partial heating of the affected regions.


Prostate hyperthermiatransurethral (through the urethra) thermotherapy use of temperatures above 45 °C.


Thermo chemotherapyEnhancement of effect of the chemotherapeutic agents by hyperthermia.


Heatheal®innovative, extreme full-body hyperthermia in a water bath up to a core body temperature of 43.5 ° C.


Radio thermotherapyEnhanced effect of radiotherapy by hyperthermia (up to 110 °C).


Laser-induced tumor therapy (LITT) Targeted tumor destruction by laser.


Intracavitary hyperthermia (ICHT)locoregional hyperthermia in body cavities, e.g. the bladder.


Surface hyperthermia for the treatment of scar relapses, skin metastases and others.


Hyperthermia – Basics of its therapeutic effects

Hyperthermia uses the positive effects of fever. Fever is a natural defense reaction of the body, which is made useful by the hyperthermia for therapeutic purposes. The immune system is strengthened, the self-healing powers of the organism are stimulated, the strong sweat eliminates toxins, the blood circulation is increased. In addition, thanks to basic thermobiological research, it is known that temperatures above 41.5 °C can have a growth-inhibiting or cell-killing effect in malignant tissues (cancer, sarcomas, carcinomas).

Hyperthermia can be applied locally / locally to specific areas, ie regional or systemic (to the whole body). Targeted overheating of the entire body, the so-called whole-body hyperthermia, is also known as "passive fever therapy". Physically, body temperature is raised, such as by cold water filtered infrared A radiation or by water bath. The temperature level in hyperthermia ranges from subfebrile 37.5 °C to feverish 38.5 °C, but also high temperatures around 40.0 °C can be achieved gently. With extreme full-body hyperthermia and thermotherapy, temperatures of over 42.3 °C or even 43.0 °C can be achieved.