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Frequently asked questions

In order to provide you with the necessary information more conveniently, you will find on this page the most frequent questions addressed to our clinic.


1. Are the costs incurred by the treatments reimbursed by the health insurance companies?

In the case of medically necessary interventions, the costs incurred are generally reimbursed by private health insurance companies. In the case of statutory health insurance, a case-by-case decision is required depending on the situation. It is helpful to inform the health insurance companies in advance about the necessity and to inform them about the form of therapy.


2. The arrival will take a lot of time. Is an inpatient stay in the clinic possible?

A stay over a longer period in our clinic is possible in principle. Of course we provide rooms and meals. The central location of the clinic also allows accommodation in a hotel within walking distance.


3. I am interested in an extensive treatment program. Can I start immediately?

With far-reaching therapies, such as the use of hyperthermia in cancer, the treatment requires a first medical consultation. This is to ensure that you have a medically appropriate and completely tailored to you and your disease treatment. After the conversation you can start directly with the created therapy plan.


4. My disease is already at an advanced stage. Will I still be treated?

Basically, we treat all the listed diagnoses and every type of tumor in our clinic. "Therapy-resistent" patients do not exist for us. We treat all affected persons, regardless of disease stage.


5. How much is the first medical consultation?

The billing of the medical consultation takes place according to the scale of fees for doctors (GOÄ). The hourly rate for the consultation is currently approx. 180.00 euros.