Intern. Center for Hyperthermia
Mühlenweg 144
26384 Wilhelmshaven, Germany
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Doctor (f, m, d) wanted:
We are looking for reinforcements to support our team of doctors with immediate effect. Your specialization, your age and your desired
weekly working hours play a subordinate role. For us, it is crucial that you are inclined towards integrative medicine with the integration of natural and empirical medicine. We treat chronically ill and cancer patients from all over the world.
As a private clinic we cultivate respect and collegiality.
We are looking forward to you!
Please apply in writing:
gisunt® Klinik GmbH | Mrs. Sonja Zobel
Mühlenweg 144,

26384 Wilhelmshaven, Germany


The gisunt® clinic is your partner for your health.

In a symbiosis of academic medicine and naturopathic rudiments we are your partner for cancer, chronic diseases and fatigue syndroms.


Hyperthermia, fever therapy, oxygen therapy, acupuncture and naturopathic therapies are our corer competencies.


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We look forward to your request.