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Prostate hyperthermia (TUMT) – transurethral (through the urethra) microwave thermotherapy with temperatures up to 55 ° C


Diseases of the prostate

The benign prostate disease

50 % of men over 60 years suffer from a benign prostate disease. The prostate gland, which is attached to the bladder, narrows the urethra through its growth and sometimes worsens the discharge of urine to total urinary retention. Medication, introduction of a permanent catheter and / or surgical removal of the prostate or the enucleation were the former solutions to the problem.


The malignant prostate disease

Every fourth to fifth man has "dormant" prostate cancer, the most common malignant tumor and the second most common cause of death in Germany. Drug therapies and radical removal of the prostate, including the accessory organs and lymph glands, as well as various treatment options were the only possible solutions. Surgery on the prostate gland is very often associated with complications or results in an undesirable impairment of quality of life.


The prostatitis

Prostatitis is a mainly bacterial inflammation of the prostate gland. Symptoms: groin and perineal pain, rectal pressure pain and frequent urination, discolored ejaculate.


Therapy procedure

local hyperthermia / thermo therapy

After comfortable positioning of the patient, a local anesthesia of the urethra is performed with a drug. Thereafter, the introduction of a spiral applicator (MU 100), consisting of a balloon catheter with microwave antenna (40 to 50 mm antenna length, depending on the size of the prostate), into the urethra and urinary bladder and positioning of the same by inflation with sterile liquid. After 1 to 3 hours of treatment (overheating of the prostate) and ongoing automatic documentation of the temperature reached, the special catheter is removed and replaced with a permanent catheter for 5 days. The patient stays in the clinic for at least one day and then in the vicinity, at home or in a hotel.


Regional deep hyperthermia

After convenient storage on a heated waterbed, the antenna is placed. The treatment lasts 60 to 90 minutes and is carried out 6 to 8 times, if necessary repeated in series.


Before the treatment

the following medical examinations will be held:


1. anamnesis (medical history)
2. external genital
3. digital rectal examination
4. laboratory examinations (PSA, creatinine)
5. urinary status
6. detailed problem / strategy discussion