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54. Medical Week Baden-Baden
The Medical Week Baden-Baden is the forum for doctors and therapists who offer naturopathic therapies with full conviction. And it is a platform for all providers who are committed to the success of naturopathic therapy. An advanced training event between tradition and innovation, between discourse and experience. But above all, the Medical Week Baden-Baden achieves one thing: it brings together the passion of all those who are committed to naturopathy in the interests of patients.    
Bicher Cancer Institute

The institute in Los Angeles is specialized in radiooncology.




Gesellschaften und Vereine
German authority center health promotion and Diätetik e.V.
The German authority center health promotion and Diätetik registered association is an interdisciplinary professional association, which uses itself in the German-speaking countries for holistic health promotion and the promotion of the healthy life-style (Diätetik). We are concerned in particular with the cross-linking of the different authority carriers in the health service: from the physicians over the sport coaches up to the recognized nourishing specialists as well as psychological and educational occupations.  
DGfAN - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Akupunktur und Neuraltherapie e.V.
The DGfAN is one of the leading societies in Germany and Europe and offers with its training, advanced training and continuing education programs the basis of a practical, future-oriented integrative holistic medicine.  
DGHT - German Society for Hyperthermia e.V.
For cancer and chronic diseases, hyperthermia is now more than just a glimmer of hope for improving the prognosis. Because hyperthermia can save, prolong and significantly improve lives. Innovations and latest technologies make it possible. Randomized studies prove it. The significance of this therapy should be much higher and absolutely needs more attention and support. The annual symposium also serves this purpose.
DKG - German Cancer Society e.V.
The German Cancer Society is the largest scientific-oncological professional association in Germany.  
ESHO - European Society for Hyperthermic Oncology
Promotion of applied research in physics, mechanical engineering and biological and clinical sciences related to hyperthermia in Europe.
European Laboratory Association

Die ELA ist ein Inhabergeführtes, vorwiegend regionales Labor mit den Schwerpunkten molekulare Onkologie und Immunologie.

Gesellschaft für Biologische Krebsabwehr e.V.
The Gesellschaft für Biologische Krebsabwehr e.V. informs cancer patients and their relatives about proven naturopathic therapies for cancer.  
I.Ä.f.P. - Internationale Ärztegesellschaft für funktionelle Proteomik e.V.
The I.Ä.f.P. is a society that supports the development and application of functional proteomics in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
STM Society for Thermal Medicine

The Society for Thermal Medicine is a premier, international scientific forum for fostering interaction and innovation in the applications of thermal therapy for cancer and other diseases.

Tumorzentrum Nordwest-Niedersachsen e.V.
The Tumorzentrum Nordwest Niedersachsen e.V. links experts and patients in the Wilhelmshaven/Friesland region.
Ärztlicher Berufsverband Hippokratischer Eid e.V.
Forum-Medizin Verlagsgesellschaft mbH
Modern naturopathy does not see itself as the antithesis of conventional medicine: it complements, expands and integrates its methods, it does not replace them. Modern naturopathy is complementary and integrative, not alternative. In the center of all efforts is always the human being and in the beginning always the committed and informed therapist. This is the focus of our journal "Die Naturheilkunde".
Kanne Brottrunk GmbH & Co. KG

KANNE BROTTRUNK® - an important therapeutic agent in daily use on patients.

Labor Pachmann

Der Partner für Maintrac®  

Fidentia - live healthy with cancer

CellTrend ist ein Biotechnologieunternehmen, welches als Auftragsforschungs-Institut (CRO) im Auftrag der pharmazeutischen Industrie arbeitet Es werden zellbasierte Bio-Assays zur Wirkstoffforschung und für toxikologische Untersuchungen durchgeführt. Der zweite Schwerpunkt sind Immuno-Assays. Es werden neue Biomarker etabliert und ELISAs entwickelt, produziert und vertrieben.

Gesundheitsmagnet Martina Altenhövel