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Fibromyalgia – Chronic, widespread pain with varying localization in the musculature, around the joints and around the back

Fibromyalgia – Disease with lots of names

Fibromyalgia is well-known under various names (e.g. muscular rheumatism, musculoskeletal pain syndrome, periarticular fibrositis, tension myalgia). The symptoms include insomnia, stress, anxiety, poor posture, muscle tension, concentration disorders,  depressive moods and a general weakness. The full clinical picture almost never develops in a short time, but begins at one or two parts of the body, very often in the back and then spreads to the arms and legs. The pain gets stronger, the course becomes chronic. Fibromyalgia affects over 1 % of the population, of which women are affected way more often. The sex ratio is 8: 1.


Possibilities of treatment

The course or general development of fibromyalgia can be treated or prevented as follows: avoid drafts; balanced wake-sleep rhythm; organized everyday life; healthy posture; healthy seating position; balanced nutrition; exercises (light gymnastics, aquagym); lymphatic drainage.


Whole-body hyperthermia

The therapeutic strategies mentioned above often only lead to a low therapeutic benefit. However, experience has shown that hyperthermia with water-filtered infrared heat radiation is highly effective. In addition to this study-controlled treatment, the following treatments can also be helpful: acupuncture, massages, infrared steam saunas.