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Colon hydrotherapy (colon cleansing) – healthy intestinal tract as a basis for health and well-being


What is the colon hydrotherapy?

Colon hydrotherapy has been a successful method of colon cleansing and colon cleansing for many years, with its origins in the United States.


Who Benefits from colon hydrotherapy?

Most people suffer from disturbed symbiosis, the so-called dysbiosis - a disturbance of the natural community of bacteria, fungi and humans. Sterilized and denatured food, poor diet and lifestyle, environmental pollution, toxins and drug abuse are destroying the balance between humans and bacteria. The consequence is the increasing decrease of the natural defense mechanisms in the organism. More than 30 % of the population have a disturbed metabolism due to the over-abundance of disease-promoting intestinal bacteria. Oxygen does not reach the tissue in sufficient quantity. Toxic substances and "waste materials" are no longer degraded and excreted fast enough. It inevitably leads to the so called "AUTOINTOXICATION" (self-poisoning of the body): loss of vitality, tiredness, depression, lack of concentration, aggressiveness and anxiety can be the result: diseases such as infections, inflammation, rheumatism, polyarthritis, acne, psoriasis, other skin diseases and high blood pressure, migraine, Allergies and many other ailments are greatly favored by a non-functioning intestine.


Immune processes in the human body have long been seen from the point of view of infection, but it is now well known that there is a close connection between metabolic processes and the immune system. The immune system is located to a large extent in the wall of the small and large intestine. Immunoglobulins (proteins with defensive properties) are also formed in the intestine. The mucous membrane of the colon is the first and most important defense system against toxins. Second only to follow are the liver, kidneys, lymph, lung and skin surface.


Professor Otto Warburg, Nobel Prize winner 1931, recognized at that time that a weakened immune system by a disturbed metabolism in the intestine significantly favors the development and spread of cancer cells. Large parts of the population of our civilized world suffer from constipation. The intestine has stopped its normal activity due to years of malnutrition. Slag, encrustations and hardened substances in the doorways (intestinal pockets) prevent normal peristalsis (rhythmic, worm-like movement of the intestine) and thus the further transport of the intestinal contents. Only ever stronger laxatives with their destructive effect on the intestinal mucosa still provide some remedy.


How does the colon hydrotherapy work?

It removes harmless and effective the accumulated, stagnant stool and putrefaction from the walls of the intestine. This natural cleansing process eliminates the symptoms that are directly or indirectly related to non-functioning of the intestine.


How is the treatment performed?

The patient lies comfortably supine on a treatment couch. Through a plastic tube, water at different temperatures enters the intestine. Through a closed system, the water and the dissolved intestinal contents are passed through a drain hose. With a gentle abdominal wall massage, the therapist can palpate existing problem areas and direct the inflowing water exactly in this area.

The colon hydrotherapy thus allows such intensive and thorough cleansing and rehabilitation of the colon, as it was not possible previously. The dissolving effect of the water and the simultaneous warm-cooling-irritation of the intestine cause it to start working again and automatically transport the accumulated and stagnated intestinal contents. By adding oxygen to the water, the healthy and necessary intestinal bacteria get their food. The colon hydrotherapy does not cause pain or cramping and is perceived by the patients as extremely pleasant and beneficial. The closed system causes unpleasant symptoms in the form of odors, etc., neither for the patient nor for the therapist. Thymus preparations and electrolytes can be gently applied to the intestinal mucosa.

The therapy can be used as a support for "detoxification of the liver", for the suppression of harmful substances in the intestine.Colon hydro therapy is helpful in all diversion procedures.Also, before operations or diagnostic procedures (eg coloscopy), this method can be an excellent It can also be used to support cancer treatments to regenerate and reduce side effects, as well as to intensify bowel rehabilitation efforts Ask your doctor / therapist if colon hydrotherapy should be used in your case as well.