Intern. Center for Hyperthermia
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26384 Wilhelmshaven, Germany
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About our clinic

gisunt®the word origins in the Old German and stands for the healing and well-being – is a company for modern human health and recovery. With us, the focus is on the patient, his welfare is paramount. For this we offer the highest quality and professional competence. Our clinic is characterized by the beneficial combination of naturopathy and conventional medicine, based on science and experience. Human dignity and respect for patient sovereignty and freedom of therapy are a matter of course for all employees.
Always seeking to improve the prognosis, even in the most difficult phases of the disease, we are happy to take care of you in an as family atmosphere as possible. We do our best for you and make great efforts to develop complementary therapy concepts that can help alleviate your suffering and improve your prognosis.
However, we can achieve little without your active participation and your will to recover. If you take your share of responsibility, we can become an important partner for the joint effort.